Why Us?

Car wala, as India's leading and largest online car hire aggregator, we always have aim to provide hassle free and reliable chauffeur driven car on rent from Nagpur, Maharashtra to all parts of India. Getting car rental in Nagpur is now easy with car wala. We offer you the best in class rental car in Nagpur at the very best rate and discounts to suit our every customer's travel needs.

proficient drivers

Courteous Drivers

There’s more to safe and friendly driving than following the road rules. Know that getting around is a team effort. They keep in mind all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, and allow others to merge or change lanes easily. Know where they’re going. They plan their journey so early decisions can be made to change lanes or make a turn. Are aware of what is going on around them. They check mirrors and read the road ahead to help keep traffic flowing. Stay relaxed but focused. They concentrate on their own driving, knowing that many aspects of a trip are out of their control. Expect the unexpected. They’re aware that we all make mistakes sometimes. Another road user might forget to indicate, or look to see that you’re nearby. If you’ve anticipated this may happen, you’re ready to take action.

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Rental car service for individuals, families & corporates looking for rental cars with drivers for adventorous road trips with family and freinds. We are one of the largest car rental service agency providing cars with drivers on short and long term assignments on third party payroll. You can rent a car via a phone call or online for various purposes such as for an outstation trip, a one-way drop, a round trip, etc. Our driver will drive you in the luxurious comfort of our own car. We also provide car rental service for special events like weddings and corporate functions which requires valet drivers who can drive all sort of cars.